Dark Betrayal the latest novel in the Divided Empire Series is featured on Mary Anne Yarde's Blog. The link is shown below:


Mary Anne Varde very kindly invited me to do a guest post on her Myths, Legends, Books & Coffee Pots Blog. If you'd like to take a look at it use the  following link


Well the next book in the Flavius Vitulasius adventures is getting near to completion and is on target to be completed, edited and with the publisher by the end of August. There'll be a few twists and turns in this one, with Flavius facing betrayal from someone he thought he could trust.

Meantime Divided Empire has had 8 reviews at Amazon in the UK ( 7 of which are five star ones) and 3 reviews, all five star ones in the USA. Not everyone realises that the best way to help an author and especially a new one, is to leave a review, but it is. My grateful thanks therefore go to everyone who has taken the time to write and leave a review for me at Amazon.


Jemahl Evans has a review of 'Divided Empire' on his website. I've put the link below for  anyone who wishes to read it:!Review-Div...


Thank to all the people who have given 'Divided Empire' reviews in both the UK and the USA. There are 7 reviews for the book on and 1 on

The second novel in the Flavius Vitulasius series continues to be written and I'm pleased to say that it is still on target to be finished by the end of the Summer.


If you've any questions for me I'm at the Endeavour Press, Virtual Historical Festival, on Monday 18th April 2016, 2pm to 2.30pm.


Look out for my interview by Berneta Haynes which will be posted very shortly on her website:

Divided Empire now has four 5 star reviews at thank you to all those who took the time to write and post them. It’s very much appreciated.

Divided Empire has had two 5 star reviews at Goodreads and thank you also to the people who wrote them, it’s again very much appreciated.

I’ve now written the first 55,000 words of the next Flavius Vitulasius novel and hopefully am still on target to get it finished by the end of the summer. I’m helping to care for an elderly relative at present, so I’ve not written as much lately, as I would have probably normally have done. Family always comes first however and with Burton Albion’s amazing season finishing in May, I won’t have the excuse not to write on Saturdays (well at least until the next season starts in August)


I'm pleased to say that the first 11 chapters of the next novel in the Flavius Vitulasius series have now been written. The novel which has a working title of The Sword's Dark Song takes Flavius to Ireland on a mission before he returns to Britain and finds the land on the verge of a civil war.


Endeavour Press have exceled themselves and the Paperback version of Divided Empire has now been published, two months before I expected it to be and so well done to all at Endeavour Press. In the UK the paperback will sell at £6.99 and in the USA at $7.99.

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Divided Empire will be available as a printed book April/May 2016. I signed the contract with Endeavour Press last week.


I think every writer likes to see what others think of their writing and reviews are a way for the reader to let them know. I've been fortunate to have Divided Empire reviewed twice on and once on Goodreads so far and I'm very grateful to the people who took the time to do this. Thank you very much.


I did a recent blog post for the Historical Festival that Endeavour Press are running this April from the 18th to 22nd. This was on the research I did on the Cornovii, one of the tribes of Roman Britain, which feature in my Flavius Vitulasius series of novels. I found the research fascinating and If you want to see the post, I’ve put the link below:


For the past few weeks I have spent most of the time promoting my first novel ‘Divided Empire’. As a newly published, first time author, I found like other authors that promoting your books takes time and effort. Problem is that the time you spend promoting your book, could be time used to write the next one. I’m not sure if I’ve found the right balance but it was good to get back to writing and I’m happy to say that my next novel which has a working title of ‘The Sword’s Dark Song’. The second in the Flavius Vitulasius series, the story picks up from where ‘Divided Empire’. I’ll keep you posted over the next few weeks, months probably, as to how progress on the novel is going.


My interview on the Afternoon Show, on BBC Radio Derby with Andy Potter, is now available on the BBC i Player (Radio), until the beginning of February. The show started 1 pm and I was on about 2.10 pm. if you want to listen to it the link is available below:


Divided Empire is on sale at for 99p until 8/01/2016:

In the USA it is on sale at $1.47 until 8/01/2016:


Thank you to Mercedes Fox for inviting me to have an interview with her. It was a great privilege for a ‘newbie’ first time published author like myself. If you want to see the interview you can find it here:


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My blog post about the background behind 'Empire Divided' is now up on Deborah Swift's 'Royalty Free Website':


Our Local Newspaper, the Burton Mail published an interview with me regarding 'Divided Empire' the text of which is seen below:

A former Burton Mail columnist who used Burton as a backdrop for his first novel is celebrating now his book has found a publisher.

Brian Kitchen has always had a passion for writing and history.

After finally following his dreams and putting pen to paper, he says he was 'shocked' when his first novel, Divided Empire, was published.

Brian was an avid reader as a child and enjoyed the works of Rosemary Sutcliff.

He said: "The Eagle of the Ninth trilogy of novels were brilliant." As well as previously working in local government, Mr Kitchen wrote a column in the Burton Mail for two years.

He is now retired and often volunteers on the helpdesk at Burton Queens Hospital.

Mr Kitchen said: " When I retired I read and studied all that I could about the history of the Roman period, visiting museums and archaeological sites to improve my knowledge.

"I was inspired by an article I saw about 20 years ago in the Burton Mail, it was written by Dennis Bladon and he theorised that Burton could be built on a Roman settlement."

"A Roman presence has long been indicated in the area, with a history of Roman coins and artefacts being found in places such as Tutbury castle. I wanted to focus on this and incorporate Burton and East Staffordshire into it."

Burton features heavily in the text and the main character lives in Burton and Tutbury is the base for the training camp for local militia.

The novel took a year to write but Brian researched it for 25 years.

Set in 391 AD, Divided Empire follows the journey of Flavius and his associate, Siward, who are on a mission across the narrow sea.

The Kindle electronic book is published by Endeavour Press and costs £2.99.